Busting out a werewolf!!

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Busting out a werewolf!!

Post by Hellbreaker on Thu Jun 02, 2011 1:44 am

(K,guys, once we get back to the desert,wanna rejoin Worlds largest sandbox?)

Toji walked into the Guard station, his cloak sweeping regally. He walked up to the guard on duty,and showed his badge. "Toji Black Class Witch Hunter with orders to excort a prisoner to a more firm holding cell, sah!!" The guard jumped, and adjusted his helmet. "U-um, I didn't receive any pap-" Toji growled, and got up in his face. "Are you doubting my word,sah!?! I'll tell you, I've fight more monsters than you've eaten meals!,"Toji growled out, poking the guards pudgy gut."I assure you, I mean no good will to these things! Now get up, take your keys, and march to the cell block, sah!!! That's it, one-two.one-two, left right, left right, keep moving sah!!" Hiro winking at Melanie."Heheh, looks like Toji's got it handled." He said under his breath.

"Do the impossible
see the invisible
raw! raw!
fight the power!
touch the untoucheable
break the unbreakable
raw! raw!
fight the power!"

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