Recruiting Kumo Raikou

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Recruiting Kumo Raikou

Post by Starkiller on Sat Mar 13, 2010 3:55 am

"That won't be necessary Ms. Raikou" Draco said cheerfully "You are free to leave if you wish, but I will count on you when I call upon your help"

Draco heard a banging noise as a ghoul came to him with panting breath.

"Lord Draco, I have some news"

"Yes what is it?"

"Master Xan has captured 2 WH members, they came to your door a while back"

"Ah yes I remember them" Draco said "What did they do wrong"

"The one named Sora attempted to destroy the arena with a high class spell"

"Interesting, where is she now?"

"She is in the Gorgon Museum with Lady Orchid"

"Hmm..." Draco said "Since she apparently wanted to commit such a grave offense, we shall sentence her to the Valkyrie program"

"As you wish Lord Draco"
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