Croamus-Snow's Suppoter

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Croamus-Snow's Suppoter

Post by Artist on Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:42 am

Name: Croamus

Type: Normal


Ability: Croamus is a demon that has incredible strenght and durability, of course with good enouph mana supply. He has eight coffins attached to his back that he and Snow can use as weapons, with special abilities. He has a single sword that can either grow in size or shrink. Croamus also stands a good 7 feet tall, but he is capable of growing to a massive size and shrinking to a smaller state.

Persona: Croamus is very loyal to Snow, even though he defeated him in battle. He doesnt go against his masters word or authority at all. Actually Croamus can be quite kind, which often goes against Snow's seemingly careless personality.

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