Lycan's Techs

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Lycan's Techs

Post by Crimson Moon on Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:24 pm

Metal bending Styles

Name: Lamnia Field
Description: A disk that forms beneath her feet, from the surface of the disk metal objects can be made.As an example: it can shoot spikes straight up or to the front adding to the range, it can create weapons and walls. This tech is to reduce the time it normally takes to create.
Mana Cost: 60
Health Deduction: High

Name: Bloody Wire
Description: A area is covered in wires, they get reiforced and the density increases 3x making steel wires as strong as diamonts, yet remain flexible. When passing through it the faster you go the deeper it will slice.
Mana cost: 30
health Deduction: Medium

Name: Armory Make
Description: To create weapons and armor from metal, no effects are added, only the effects of the origenal metal remain
Mana Cost: 10 mana
Health Deduction: N/A

Name: Volcanic Metal (Fenrir)
Description: By creating immense vibrations in her weapons she can form a super heated weapon, it will burn through anything that can;t withstand its heat. The max temperatures is related to the density of the metal.
Mana Cost: 15
Health Deduction: Medium

Name: Artic Metal (Fenrir)
Description: Stopping all vibrations in the metal she can supercool her weapons, creating a freezing effect, all shall be frozen when slashed.
Mana Cost: 15
Health Deduction: Medium

Name: Lightning Metal (Amaterasu)
Description: By creating friction as well as slamming the metal molucules togetehr sparks get created, these sparks together form a current, This current turns to lightning adding an electrifing effect to the metal in use.
Mana Cost: 15
Health Deduction: Medium

Description: -sealed-
Mana Cost:
Health Deduction:

Martial arts forms:

Name: Form of Nothing
Description: a mid-range form. By the sheer force of a blow,reinforced with mana, a small vacuum is created that moves forward hitting the opponent as if the punch was directly from the fist, this can also be aplied to kicks, sweeps but if used in a sweep or spin kick the effect is limited to a 2 meter distance.
Mana Cost: 10-50
Health Deduction: Medium

Name: Form of the Beast
Description: By manipulating the mana and sending it in a substance the minerals get drawn to Lycan to form claws or armor plating. The claws and armor to stay formed but for the minerals to get a greater density then it normally has a constant mana suply is necessary. The musscles get reinforced so that the speed and power of the caster increases.
Mana Cost: 1-50
Health Deduction: Medium

Supporter tech:

Name: Mana resupply
Description: when the supporter changes to a tattoo it resupply’s Lycan’s Mana.
Mana Cost: (Decided by me)
Health Deduction: (Decided by kanda)

Name: Animus
Description: -Will be added after use in story line-
Mana Cost: (Decided by me)
Health Deduction: (Decided by kanda)

* Note when Lycan usses mana on herself Tribal marking start showing on her face starting by her eyes and spreading as more Mana is in fused into her body

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Re: Lycan's Techs

Post by Areos on Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:45 pm

the guitar magic might have need to be revised, it has almost never been used and thus might not be needed.

Lamnia field: might need a better explanation, is it like a flying CD around lycans waist or does it cover the ground etc.

Form of nothing: as seen in RP this skill can get a Metal encoating creating flying gauntlets (or whatever part of the body is used), please add it to the description.

please do not take things said as an insult, its for the sake of allowing fair roleplay, if you do not agree on certain points then contact an admin/mod and give a proper explanation why. thank you. So go ahead and talk with yourself.


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