Alexander Glory

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Alexander Glory

Post by gypsyking on Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:18 pm

Corruption abilities:

Life Strike-Strike at the opponent to steal slight amount of life energy to replenish his own

Blood Swing-sacrifices a small amount of blood to increase his movement speed and attack speed

Eye for an Eye-can only be used after being hit send the same amount of damage done to Alexander back to the opponent

Chaos Bane-fill the blade with hate and anger when swung at an opponent and hits explodes with high amounts of energy.

Blood Vendetta-possessed by the souls of the corruption side of his blade increasing his over all ability's Alexander is fueled by there hate and anger he feels no pity of remorse nor fear the more damage he take the stronger he becomes

Holy Ability's:

Blessing of hope-Alexander emits and aura that effect his allies and himself filling them with divine strength

Holy Wrath-stabs his blade in the ground emitting a giant explosion of holy light that harms those that he judges to be evil

Holy Shield-creates a shield to protect Alexander and his allies from harm drain mana from the amount the shield took

Penance-stabbing the opponent with his sword does not physical damage but burns the enemies from within making them feel the agony they have cause other

Smite-blade is covered in holy white flames that burn any one Alexander deems evil

Divine possession-the holy spirits become one with Alexanders soul giving him all there knowledge from there past battle all attack of the holy form cost less mana and are about to be cast faster
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Re: Alexander Glory

Post by Crimson Moon on Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:06 pm

please use the template


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