Shiyuri's Techs{Done}

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Shiyuri's Techs{Done}

Post by Hakudoshi on Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:09 am

Name: Heat Wave
Description:Increases temperature of the immediate area causing slow burns on opponents. Also powers up Shiyuri's other fire-typed attacks, lowers water and ice typed attacks.
Mana Cost: 15mp
Health Deduction: small

Name: Soaring Fireballs
Description: Shiyuri creates fifteen fireballs which she can control and home onto her target.
Mana Cost: 25mp
Health Deduction: Medium (When used after Heat Wave becomes High)

Name: Flame Eclipse
Description: Creates a dome of fire protecting her from attacks. Any who touch it receive 2nd degree burns
Mana Cost: 35mp
Health Deduction: Medium (After Heat Wave, Becomes High)

Name:Breath Of The Fire Dragon.
Description: A streaming flame can be shot out from either her mouth, her hands, or weapons.
Mana Cost: 40mp
Health Deduction: High (After heat Wave becomes Very High)

Name:Great Gust Of Wind -Kaze No Dai Gasuto
Description: A great blast of autumn wind is blown from either Shiyuri's mouth or from the air around him. This attack can also be used to blow away incoming attacks, projectile weapons and well people.
Mana Cost: 10mp
Health Deduction: small - medium

Name: Breath Of Fresh Air
Description: Sighing out her mana, Shiyuri can replenish lost Health and vice versa.
Mana Cost: Varies
Health Deduction: Varies

Description: created from the autumn wind, a vortex that can be used as an attack or a defense. Shiyuri can create this from her hands or her weapons.
Mana Cost: 40mp
Health Deduction: High

Name: Chill Zone
Description: Continuously lowers surrounding temperature while increasing the ice and water based attacks Shiyuri uses. Causes slow freezing of opponent
Mana Cost: 35mp
Health Deduction:small

Name: Raining Icicles From The Heavens
Description:From the frozen temperatures, Shiyuri can create icicles that vary in size to attack her opponent.
Mana Cost:20mp
Health Deduction:Small - Medium - High (depends on how many hit, Increases 1 rank if used after Chill Zone)

Name: Ice Clone
Description: Covering herself in ice, Shiyuri can create an exact duplicate of herself and switch with it at the last second of an attack. The shards that go off as shrapnel can also cause damage.
Mana Cost: 15mp
Health Deduction: small - Medium

Name: Ice Age
Description: Snow and ice are combined in this devastating attack. Limits the vision of Shiyuri opponent.
Mana Cost: 40mp
Health Deduction: High (When used after Chill Zone Very High)

Name: Mana Depleting Rain
Description: For a set time, it rains draining the mana of her opponents. Also limits the enemies vision.
Mana Cost:35mp
Health Deduction: Medium (When used after April Shower's Very High)

Name: Water Tendrils
Description: Tendrils of water and created and used in a variety of ways. Such as biding, attacking, etc..
Mana Cost: 30mp
Health Deduction: Medium (When used after Chill Zone, or April Showers becomes High)

Name: Plants of The World
Description:The roots and branches of trees appear and form a shield to protect Shiyuri from in coming attacks.
Mana Cost: 30mp
Health Deduction: Medium

Name: April Shower
Description: Strengthens Shiyuri's water and plant techniques, lowers visibility of her enemies, weakens fire attacks,
Mana Cost: 35mp
Health Deduction:

Name: Natural Catastrophe
Description: Merging a bit of power from each of the elements, Shiyuri creates a black ball of energy .This ball can be shot and sent to her opponent. Shiyuri can not only control where it goes but also when it shall explode. The resulting explosion is enough to wipe out a town, though Shiyuri must take precautions so she is not caught in the blast.
Mana Cost: 300
Health Deduction: Very High

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Re: Shiyuri's Techs{Done}

Post by Crimson Moon on Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:02 pm

Heat wave the attack wouldn;t do damage itself as the only thing it does is increase the heat. and it should have a rough estimated range Atm your heating up the whole world with it. (same aplies for the other simular techs)

Breath of fresh air: this is only allowed if the amount of mana expelled replenishes less then is expeled for example

30 mana = 20 health and
30 health = 20 mana

this is to prevent a loop effect 30 = 40 gives infite health and mana

the mana costs for high techs are too low

im not sure about the increasing damage one level as the diffrence is huge, need areos's opinion about that one


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