How to enter the wanted list/ requests for adding.

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How to enter the wanted list/ requests for adding.

Post by Crimson Moon on Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:56 pm

Way number 1:
by taking missions and Rp'ing. the action you take during missions and sometimes in rp will have effect on the bounty you have and towards which side.

Way number 2:
Others can request a bounty on anothers head

Arkrius places a bounty of 30 kyi on Areos's head + a chose of dead/alive/dead or alive

Arkrius will then loose 30 kyi and this will be placed on Areos's head, the one to deliver Areos to The HQ gets the reward. the name f the one who placed the bounty will also be added.

This will also become the thread where request to place bounty's on others heads will be posted, when the bounty from the request is placed your request will be deleted from this thread to keep it from getting unorganised.

thank you and enjoy this new feature ^o^
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