Appearance and information

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Appearance and information

Post by Holiday on Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:14 am

Toron, the enormous city that resides close to Central Headquarters. The city is protected directly by the Central HQ, making it a lovely target for more skillful invaders. The city extends over a vast area, and many markets and shops can be found within its streets. The place is extremely multicultural, buildings of all shapes and sizes. The people believe that they are safe from any attacks so long as WH is close. Many blue-class and green-class have started family's within this town, because of this WH have decided to place regular personel within the walls of this city. This town is also a main supplier of rations and clothing.
But are they right on this one?

Stationed personel:
-Many blue and green-class Witch Hunters
-Several hidden Black-class
-1 white-class

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