Xan's Weapons

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Xan's Weapons

Post by Xan on Fri May 21, 2010 7:33 pm

Name: Bow of Apollo
Description: A bow of magical power, it shoots in two different styles, Speed and Power. The magical power allows the bow to never run out of arrows, forming a new one every time the bow is drawn. The Speed Style allows Xan to fire flaming arrows at an incredible rate of speed, equaling that of a machine gun. Power Style is a more traditional shooting style. Xan draws and fires like a normal bow, but the bow becomes aflame when Power Style is in use. The arrow shot in Power Style flies at a slightly slower rate of speed and fires a single shot at a time, upon impact, the arrow shatters and sets the victim on fire. The shot is strong enough to pierce rock.

Name: Sword of Exile
Description: A powerful chained falchion which when in use channel fire in order to slash and rip apart enemies. When the blade slams onto the ground it creates a powerful explosion. The sword is normally engulfed in flames when used, but is a normal blade when not swung. The blade and chains are near unbreakable, able to take even the greatest of punishment, only the power of godly weapons can the blade be destroyed. The blade is summoned from Xan's right hand.

Name: Blade of Abyss
Description: A blade created from the Flames of Olympus. A powerful blade which burns hotter then any flame. The blade glows with bright hellfire, which gives it the ability to harm supernatural beings. The blade is able to fire beams of energy, similar to Xan's Daion Hado, however a little weaker and smaller, and it doesn't take the heat of the area away. The blade can also be stabbed into the ground, creating a flaming tornado.

Name: Sun Shield
Description: A shield that resides in Xan's left hand. It generates a large shield of light and fire, which deflects single projectiles and attacks and sends them back to the owner and is a good defense against physical attacks as well, melting normal weapons and blocking enchanted weapons. It is a shield that cannot be pierced.
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