Entering the World

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Entering the World

Post by Crimson Moon on Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:17 pm

Nova walked across the old bridge which connected Illuminati to the green plains. She ahd a long journey behind her yet was not tired. She had spent the nights sleeping against trees and near rivers, food a plenty and peace and quite around. Yet the feeling of a presence she could not shake, it seemed she had grown paranoid after all those years or atleast thats what she made herself beleive.

She was a bit hesistant to enter the town as a big explosion had been seen not half an hour ago, though this kind of spectacles are ussually sources of income for her. Bodygaurds, strong people to carrie the dead and wounded, money a plenty to those not scared to do the work noone else wants to do. She walked off futher into the town.


"I'm the bon of my fire| Gasoline is my body, burning my soul | I have set aflame, over athousand pants| unaware of objection, nor of pity| withstood -no's- to set him ablaze many times| yet this pants will never be warm | so, as I pray - unlimited blaze works" 'Quote Areos'

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