Nightingale, Artemis

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Nightingale, Artemis

Post by Artemis on Sun Oct 24, 2010 6:39 am

Name: Artemis Nightingale
Age: 21
Date of Birth: February 29
Gender: Female
Race: Witch
Hobbies: Flying on her broomstick, Pranks, Singing
Likes: The Night, Crescent Moon, Butterflies, Foxes, Ferrets, Weasels, Red/Black/White/Blue Roses, Silver (Silver period and color.), Spiders, Snakes, Parties
Dislikes: Splinters, Her chest, When her cooking isn't good (which is a lot.), Her pranks not working
Personality: Artemis is a carefree seeming person as well as childish, which a lot seem to compare to her height. She can be completely random and loves that fact about herself which can make her happy at one moment and sad the next. Artemis giggles at some physical pains but she can feel physical pain once it reaches to great (example: if she was to be stabbed through the stomach she wouldn't be laughing unless she had lost her mind. Generally it's just about small things like scratches, cuts, stabs in non serious or vital places that aren't too deep, and bruises.) This is because of her childhood where she tried to put on a smiling face for all kinds of reasons so people wouldn't know what she was going to do based of her anger, though her smiles have different meanings so one can know. She can opening express other emotions though she generally doesn't mean a lot of them, she'll just show them to be childish.

Height: Four Feet and Eleven Inches (4' 11")
Weight: Hundred Pounds (100 lbs)
sizes (for woman, chest size): D
Eye color: Sapphire/Blue Violet (Light Dependent)
Hair color: White-Blond
Hair Style: Straight, past the waist by about a foot in length that is cut in a bit of a curve at the end with bangs uneven. Usually left free. (No ponytails or anything)
Outfit: Refer to picture generally.
Extras: Her eyes are about catlike

Ability: Artemis's powers are generally about the superstitions of bad luck and good luck. These depend on the birth superstitions generally. So since people in the world believed enough to create them, her powers were born, rather people stopped believing in them or not. She has twisted to her use for fights, protection, and pranks. Thus she has been given the name the "Black Cat" Witch because of her 'bad luck' magic and cat like eyes. One thing though is that she can be seen making butterflies of light often which can be good reason to avoid since there's a saying of killing a butterfly turns your 'good luck' into bad.

History: When Artemis was born in a small village in the mountains, it was the day of the leap year and a day when bad luck started to happen odd amounts through out the village. Her mother had died in childbirth, or so was told while the truth of her heartbreak was forgotten, and her father was a Player who, once the pregnancy of Artemis's mother was learned, traveled with his band of Players to a new village where other women waited, the heartbreak's cause. And so, Artemis was brought up by the village healer who gained a many set of patients after the birth of her new charge. Broken backs, and other bones were the reason of visit and the stories seemed to follow different sets but all tied to a superstition that if, for example, you break a mirror, you have seven years of bad luck. That doesn't even mention the possiblilites of what could happen. A few times, even the Healer had a few close calls until everyone in the village had had some sort of close or more of an encounter, all except little Artemis Nightingale with her curious, blue cat like eyes and pale blond hair that was so close to white. The rumor of nothing bad happening to her because there was something different about her spread and the villagers began to blame the little baby, the Healer even suspected that it was the little child but she would not allow the villagers to harm one who could do anything about what was happen, that was her thought. So the Healer became an outcast as well as she raised Artemis and found out of her magic. She told Artemis it was best to control it and try to blend in with the village children and at first, Artemis honestly tried. She tried to keep her magic from doing anything she didn't will it to do which seemed to work for nothing happened but that didn't stop the children from picking on her, knocking her down, and taking her things to hide them in places that were hard for her to reach. Artemis just became used to it all and laughed at what they did to her, even when they knocked her down against the rocks and she almost fell from the mountain edge. She always smiled and laughed and it was then that the children started to have their luck change tide on them and the rumors increased in full until not even the Healer that had raised her would allow her back in. She had set some things out for Artemis in a bag as a silent sign of telling her to leave. So Artemis left, though the village had many years of bad luck remaining in it and no one seemed to want a mirror anymore. It was during her travels that she came across a witch that was generous enough to give her a broom and teach her the basics of it and some potion remedies to help with wounds. Artemis already knew she was a witch because of her research of her family, or at least her mother's side since her father's side was unknown due to his wandering spirit.
Artemis was soon tracked by the Witch Hunters, trying to see if she could be turned good since no matter where she went there was trouble since her powers brought bad luck to people, her good luck bringings were never heard of. They too though found themselves with bad luck or pranks brought from the different forms of bad luck, Artemis's new twist on her powers. Thus, she had many run-ins with Witch Hunters but didn't seem to mind it at all since she thought it of a game, she never took someone's life at least, though a few ended up with enough bad luck that made them plead for their 'cursed life' to end. Eventually, Artemis turned twenty-one and had traveled a great deal, her traveling continuing still.

Weapons: Her book where she can pull out weapons of different kinds or items she would need (example: a mirror). She can't pull out just any weapon though, she's mainly been seen pulling out different swords, staffs, mallets, revolvers, chainsaws, and a whip. She hasn't been seen being able to pull out much else weapon wise.

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Re: Nightingale, Artemis

Post by Holiday on Sun Oct 24, 2010 7:13 am

I give this application my seal of approval.

Yes I know it is a Sea Lion



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