Sora - Draco's Supporter

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Sora - Draco's Supporter

Post by Starkiller on Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:14 am

Name: Sora
Type: Fight Support
Style:All range fighter

Ability: Physical Strength - About the same level of physical strength as a golem
Quick Flight - Able to fly at the same speed as a diving peregrine falcon.
Mana Restoration - Give Draco a source of extra mana (+30 every 2 posts)
Durable: Iron hard skin, able to take a regular bullet with lesser damage.


{Aegis - Her feathers become sharp, blade like projectiles which are self propelled and home in on a target. Shooting twenty in a single strike Mana - 10}
{Appolo - Creates a bow and shoots out a powerful arrow shot that has the slightly greater strength than Draco's Wave. Mana - 40}
{Aegis - Creates a powerful spherical shield which can take singular, powerful attacks. Such as Draco's Repulse Mana - 60}
{Aceso - Heals the wounds of a single person, channeling mana in order to heal them. Heals the same as Draco does. Unfortunately, she is unable to heal Draco, only humans. Any non-humans would be harmed rather than healed. Mana - 30}
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Re: Sora - Draco's Supporter

Post by Holiday on Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:21 am

I'll accept this because it has been here before, but the old one was lost. I'll give it a seal later...

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