Meeting up (P2)

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Meeting up (P2)

Post by Areos on Sat Feb 13, 2010 10:48 pm

Leneor had reached the lake, seating himself at the border of a small forest at one edge of the lake. He leaned backwards into the grass, waiting for time to pass, lately he had been thinking alot, especialy about HQ and his members.
The whole thing was falling apart lately, corruption and sudden enemies that just jumped out of the ground were threatening the organisation that once was supposed to protect the villages and towns. Ofcourse there had allways been a certain fault with how WH worked, but their intentions were usualy good. Seeing Kumo taken away, Nero being convicted since he might have murdered WH's, and the several cases of Dead WH's and attacks on surrounding villages were an urgent matter. The Network was able to protect individuals, but that was it, yet he allways thought only they knew the right way. Yet they only knew ONE way.

"hey..." A voice went from behind one of the trees.
"Come and sit beside me Luthien, this way its far more suspicious."

Luthien took a few seconds before joining Leneor and sitting beside him, she seemed somewhat nervous. It was Leneor to break the silence again.

"One could realy think we're a couple from afar. Anyway, nice meeting up with you again - i'm starting to grow close to things recently." Leneor seemed calm yet a little cheerful. He had to do something against the bad mood he had lately.
"Um... thanks."
"... Is something?"
"Um... Leneor? I heard about your past, and... the tower... do you realy want to dedicate your life on killing her?"

Leneors eyes suddenly went blank, like a mist going through it.

"That is my purpose, the one thing i will achieve." Leneor close his eyes, then opened them again. The mist had faded and he looked back at Luthien. "Though that is of no importance today. I'd rather like to enjoy the moment, in these times its good to see other things than war and fighting, It's quite soothing when you look around right now. It gives a wrong image, yet that image is what everyone kind of yields for."

Luthien suddenly began to give a feint smile at leneor, then followed his gaze around the lake - several couples were sitting around, quite a few were Witchhunters actually. Leneor leaned back and supported himself with his hands, watching the clouds above.

"Ever watched the clouds and made guesses on what they look like?"

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