The Return of the Heir

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The Return of the Heir

Post by Crimson Moon on Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:05 pm

The Return of the Heir

The butterfly-effect theorie states that a butterfly flapping its wings might change the flows of the wind to create a hurricane. For Witch hunter Areos one small butterfly would set in motion the strings of fate, leading him to his destiny.

It was at the end of a mission that Areos got a concealed message that would once again lead him on a journey, it was in the form of a gentle butterfly. As it burst into flames he knew where he should go and from whom it was. Arriving at the Toron lake he found the person he had already suspected send the message, Luthien a dear friend of Areos. She had important news yet was hesitant to give it to him, for she knew what would happen if he found out. She Knew she had to tell him and led him to a local restaurant.

In that dark little restaurant Areos heard what he had longed for all this time, the location of the person he had hunted for years. He had waited he had searched for her and now he knew where she was, the focal point of his revenge. With only the words 'Thank you' he left. Leaving Luthien behind, with mixed emotions she grabbed areos's cup of tea and a single tear fell from her cheek.

One could only geuss as what emotions went through him as he made his way to WH HQ to prepare for departure to the north, the location of his long awaited vengenance. Yet it seemed fate had other plans, The Witch hunter Kali appeared before him claiming to be sent from HQ as his new assistant. In an effeort to loose the new assistant he made his way to his room, yet the assistant Kali seemed determined to stay by his side.

Kali had followed Areos to his room, Areos offered tea but the gesture was declined. After preparing the last things and getting rid of Kali he lay all of his belongings gained through Witch Hunter on his table along with 5 letters. Making his way towards the door he ran into Takamichi, not understanding this might be the last time they would meet he was asked by Areos to deliver the letters left in his room. Takamichi agreed and Areos made his way outside, thinking he was finally alone and on his way to his revenge. Little did he know that Kali was right on his trail, With the ability of total concealment she followed him, in complete dedication to follow him where ever he goes.

Takamichi found the letter adressed to him explaining a small part of what he was up to, in a rush to try and stop him, he ran into Rophy giving her the letter adressed to her. He continued his way towards the main gate but Areos had already left. Takamichi hurried towards the main control room to relate the information. In the meanwhile Rophy gained some knowledge she was looking for but due to her inability to read the script she decided to look for Areos, at that moment an Alive or Dead Wanted mission for Areos was issued. Being a man under surveilence he was now in breach of his agreement with Witch hunter and therefore a wanted man. Upon hearing this news Rophy set out in pursuit.

Areos completly focussed on his goal did not notice him getting chased by two black class, they were out to capture him. Kali with a great dedication to her mission to protect Areos decided to hold them back, using her skills she held them back as Areos made his way firther towards his desire. Kali who deffeated the two persuers ran with all her might and caught up with Areos. Without Areos knowing they both entered the northren highlands. The snow storm raged within these highlands making tracking by human standarts impossible. Yet Kali had no trouble using three diffrent methods she was able to keep track of him.

Back at central Rophy set out in her persuit, using a special method she could track the lingering mana. Using her suporter to move faster she set out to catch up to Areos.


Leonor, Luthien
Leonor, Luthien
Leonor, Kali
Leonor, Kali, Lycan
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