The Mortician Douglas' supporter.... hey wait

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The Mortician Douglas' supporter.... hey wait

Post by Familiar_Stranger on Sat Aug 28, 2010 11:04 pm

Name: The Mortician
Type: Support
Style: System support/ Living armor

-accumulates mana (+10)
-proximity alarm (only while asleep, you have to notice your foes yourself while awake)
-magi-tech heads up display in the helmet
-weapon system support (includes weapon lock, which is why Douglas can't use all of his weapons yet)

The Mortician, who was originally Valerie Von Hammersmark's supporter, used to be a magical automata that Valerie created for herself. (she specialized in creating magical artifacts, including the mortician's coffins). during the destruction of Douglas' town, he sustained such damage that he could not be fully repaired. On top of that, Valerie herself died, leaving him without a master. Why he has chosen to bond with Douglas is something he does not wish to explain. Actually, he won't say anything to anyone, including Douglas, who doesn't quite realized that his "armor" is actually alive and sentient. The Mortician is the reason Douglas can even use his special weapons in the first place, but is also the one preventing him from using the stronger weapons at present. Maybe he's waiting for Douglas to mature as a combatant first.

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Re: The Mortician Douglas' supporter.... hey wait

Post by Crimson Moon on Sat Aug 28, 2010 11:12 pm



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