Announcement for Christmas event

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Will you be joining the christmas arc?

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Announcement for Christmas event

Post by Areos on Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:18 pm

Okay guys, hosting events usualy is a bitch since people tend to lack time usualy, that can severely screw up a plot and only destroy the creators resolve. Yet I still will do it (I think this would be the first full fledged event I host, we'll see if it works).

Okay, i will/already did create an area for our christmas event to take place, and will build a storyline these following days. I intend on starting the event on the 1rst of December, and would like to end it between the 25th to last day of December.
Thats why I'd like to know who is capable of actually joining in this 'christmas arc' event. It'll be happening outside of the usual storyline and include witches and Witchhunters (or anyone else who is on this plane of existance) to work together or in teams to go through the event.

Areos, your Admin - If you have questions ask them here.


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