Virgil's Techniques

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Virgil's Techniques

Post by Virgil on Thu Dec 23, 2010 7:31 pm

Virgil can pretty much be considered a hand-to-hand specialist. Some go as far as naming him an ace, but he does not share that view. He does have magic abilities to back that up however.

Flight: Using his mana control, Virgil can hover and fly. It does cost much mana, however mana is on a small, but constant decrease whenever he takes to the air.
Mana Cost: 6 per post

Super-Sonic: Virgil uses mana to increase his speed to Mac 2. This means that his hits are a lot faster and his flight speed is also faster. When used, this also drains a small but constant amount of mana. When used while flight, that amount used is increased.
Mana Cost: 20 per post

Power Ups:
Mana Surge: Generates an amount of mana equal to 40. Can only be used once every 3 posts.

Health-to-mana conversion: Converts an amount of health into an equal amount of mana. No more than a third of Virgils Health can be converted.

Step to infinity: Virgil’s attacks cost no mana. This does not mean that the mana is infinite though. Every post, Virgil looses an amount of mana. This ability also can not be kept up forever, only for 5 posts. For another 5 posts after that, this can not be used. The Mana surge technique also can not be used while step to infinity is active.
Mana Cost: 70 per post

Mana-based attacks:
Mana shot: Vergil shoots a mana beam from his fingertip. It does not have much destructive power but high piercing capability. Therefore it does not use up too much mana. Ten of these attacks can be fired at once (seeing that like all regular people, Virgil has ten fingers).
Mana Cost: 10
Damage: small

Mana Blast/wave: Virgil shoots mana from his palm. This can be done in different ways: A blast of mana, a constant beam of mana, a smaller, condenced, fast-moving bolt of mana that is more piercing than explosive, but still packs quite a bang; or an arc-like blast. Virgil can use this with either one of his hands or use a combined power with both hands for one blast.
Mana Blast: Virgil gathers mana and shoots a football-sized ball of mana from his palm. He can shoot two at once, or in a rapid succession, or combine two into one for more power.
Mana Cost: 20
Damage: Medium to high

Mana Bolt: Gathers mana, condences it into a smaller form and shoots. This is a fast moving projectile and is more of a piercing than an explosive. It still goes out with a bang though. It takes time and both hand to form, which is why it can not be fired very rapidly.
Mana Cost: 20
Damage: Low to medium

Mana Wave: Gathers mana to shoot a constant beam of it. Can be two beams, or one, empowered beam.
Mana Cost: 30
Damage: Medium to high

Mana Arc: Gathers mana in a palm and releases it in a swooping motion. This makes a crescent-moon-like projectile. Several of these can be fired one after another, or one empowered shot with both hands.
Mana Cost: 50
Damage: Medium to high

Mana Disc: Gathers mana and shapes it into a disc, then throws it. The disc can cut through a lot of things and then discintegrates with a band (similar to mana bolt). Two of these can be fired at most one after another.
Mana cost: 50
Damage: High

Mana Explosion: Virgil gathers mana and then releases it from his body in a form of an explosive, mana wave. This damages most of his surroundings, but also can damage him I its overdone.
Mana Cost: 150/400
Damage: High

Energy Based Attack:
Final Flash (Guess where that’s from :P): Virgil focuses, and turns mana into raw energy at both of his palms. When he gets enough energy, he releases it in a very destructive blast. This takes tremendous effort and mana, which is why it can not be used very often. Only once per fight (twice if its not over before that).
Mana Cost: 350
Damage: Very High
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