Unfinished Business (Part 1 continued)

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Unfinished Business (Part 1 continued)

Post by Virgil on Thu Dec 31, 2009 3:29 pm

The train station didn’t have a lot of people. The part where Nero was walking lacked people except for him. A grey robe then came round the corner and was about to leave the station.
“Oi, kid. Any Trains going to the North?”
“uhm….well, the one on the last platform is. I think.”

The last Train on the platform was in fact going to the north. But as Nero was about to get into the train, a familiar voice stopped him.
“There you are.”
Nero looked back. It was that Blue who he fired at very long time ago, the one who called himself royalty.
“I don’t have time to waste on the likes of you.” Nero turned away and started walking towards the front carts.
“The likes of me?! How dare you?! I am royalty!!” The Blue then looked at his Grey robed underlings “Get him! Every single one of you, go!” The Ten greys started charging Nero. He kept walking and walking. They were closing in. The distand between the first one and Nero was closing, getting shorter and shorter.
“Tch, you guys never learn do ya?”
Nero turned. A black blur went between the grey-robes and Nero appeared infront of the blue-robe with his sword in his hand. The ten grey-robed collapsed, dissected [Thousand Slash]. The blue-robe looked in terror into Nero’s eyes. There was no remorse, mercy or fear of the consequences, neither was there aggression, sadism or for that matter, any emotion at all in those red eyes.
“You wouldn’t dare to…”
Just a few sweeps blurred and Nero’s sword was already sheathed. He once again was walking off to the front carts of the train. The blue only then collapsed into several pieces. Nero blurred off to the very front cart [Devil’s Trick] and walked in. Its beyond me how such idiots get hired into the WH.
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